Cateraid Inc.
Cateraid Inc.


As part of our continuing efforts to meet the growing needs of the foodservice industry, we are currently enjoying a state-of-the-art, 17,000 square foot facility.  This facility enables us to continue to provide the foodservice industry with high quality, cost-competitive products.  Our plant is under the strictest of sanitation standards, complete with HACCP and metal detection.


Founded in 1982 by Randy J. Robinson and Rob Katz.  Cateraid set out to meet both the chefs' needs of high quality and the operators' needs of cost effectiveness and consumer appeal.  With a strong emphasis on service, our products are produced from scratch, the way a chef or restaurant operator would prefer.  We specialize in labor-intensive pastries, cakes and tortes while utilizing the economy of scale to offer such European style products at a reasonable price to the food service industry.


Cateraid identified a growing need in food service for a "pastry chef" quality, all natural pastry and cake line.  In addition, we have recognized the demand for custom designed, proprietary bakery products from one facility. Cateraid offers the customer a consistant, cost effective product, ready to serve at all locations.  Cateraid products are flash frozen, enabling the customer to prevent waste and spoilage while preserving the quality. They take full advantage of the wonderful array of available Michigan agricultural products.  


Our Mission

Cateraid, Inc. was founded in 1982, with the intention of providing high quality, labor-intensive products to the food service industry.  The rationale for such a goal was well founded in both industry and demographic trends prevalent in 1982 and continuing to present day.


There continues to be an increasing demand for high qualty in food service.  Today's consumer is more demanding of value in the food dollar spent while at the same time conscious of natural, wholesomeness in the food he/she eats.  This, in conjunction with the strengthening trend of a shortage of skilled labor in the food service industry, lends itself well to the further development of Cateraid's mission into the future.


In today's business environment, providing a high quality product is simply not sufficient to guarantee success. Due to the ever changing trends and needs of the industry, service has played an increasing role in the success of failure of a business.  Thus, it has become critical for Cateraid, Inc to provide the highest level of service in the food service industry along with an excellent product.  This has, and will continue, to allow us to differentiate our products successfully from those of our competitors.


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