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Dessert Bars

Blueberry Linz




Blueberry Linz - 2x3

Traditional Linzer pastry covered with cream cheese and blueberries, topped with a streusel topping and garnished with confectioner's sugar.

Italian Almond





Italian Almond - 2x3

Buttery shortbread frosted with an almond mascarpone mousse and topped with sliced almonds.

Pecan Streusel





Pecan Streusel - 2x3

Short pastry crust covered with luscious cream cheese filling and topped with a glazed pecan streusel.





Rainforest - 2x3

Chewy, caramel/nut bars, featuring macadamia, cashew, and brazil nuts on a sweet pastry crust, garnished with a chocolate drizzle.






Lemon - 2x3

Shortbread pastry crust with a lemon curd custard, and garnished with confectioner's sugar.

Raspberry Almond




Raspberry Almond - 2x3

Raspberry preserves sandwiched between two layers of sweet pastry and topped with caramelized sliced almonds.

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