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Miniature Pastries




Assorted Miniature Mousse Cups

Four various shaped chocolate cups filled with white chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry and coffee mousses, each with a decorative design on top.  Gluten Free.





Deluxe Mini Pastry Assortment

Ten different types of mini pastries:  Chocolate Macaroons, Creme Brulee Tarts, Strawberry Pyramids, Coconut Almond Bites, Shortbread Tuxedos, Chocolate Raspberry Shortbreads, Rum Balls, Raspberry Cream Puffs and Chocolate Mousse Cups.





Mini Pastry Assortment

A Selection of seven of our most popular miniatures: Mini Eclairs, Pecan Tart Squares, Lemon Bars, Cheesecake Domes, Mini Cannoli, Cream Puff and Brownie.

Mini Cheesecake Assortment

Strawberry Swirl - Creamy vanilla cheesecake generously swirled with strawberry jam, baked on a graham cracker crust topped with strawberry mirroir glaze..


New York - Creamy traditional New York cheesecake topped with a creamy mirroir glaze.


Chocolate Marble - Creamy vanilla cheesecake generously swirled with chocolate ganache, baked on a graham cracker crust topped with chocolate marble              mirrior glaze.


Mocha - Creamy traditional coffee flavored New York style cheesecake topped with a chocolate marble mirroir glaze (not shown)




Miniature Cupcake Assortment

Six miniature cupcake assortment includes our chocolate series: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate, and our fruit series: Mango, Lemon and Raspberry.



Petit Fours

Buttery orange pound cake squares dipped in coating chocolates and decorated in a variety of colors and designs.







Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread

Raspberry flavored chocolate shortbread dipped diagonally in white chocolate and garnished with a red rosebud.







Shortbread Tuxedos

Buttery english shortbread wafers partially dipped in chocolate and garnished in a white chocolate "tuxedo" motif.





Peanut Butter Marble Bars

Beautiful blend of fudge brownie with a peanut butter/cream cheese filling marbled throughout.







Blueberry Linz Bars

Traditional linzer pastry covered with cream cheese and blueberries, topped with a streusel topping and garnished with confectioner's sugar.



Raspberry Almond Bars

Raspberry preserves sandwiched between two layers of sweet pastry and topped with caramelized sliced almonds.





Rainforest Bars

Chewy, caramel/nut bars, featuring macadamia, cashew, and brazil nuts on a sweet pastry crust, garnished with a chocolate drizzle.







Rum Balls

Rum soaked almond pound cake mixed with a coffee french buttercream, dipped in chocolate glaze and rolled in chocolate jimmies or toasted coconut.

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