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How do I place an order with you?
You can place an order by phone, by fax, or email. Please find our contact numbers and email addresses on the contact information page. 

Can I also purchase from you for private purposes?
We typically sell to distributors and businesses, such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, and various retail stores, but depending on the quantities desired, we may be able to accommodate you. Please contact us for more information.

Where do you deliver the merchandise?
We currently deliver in southeastern Michigan on a weekly basis.  But can also deliver to locations outside this area, please contact us for more information on our delivery terms.


What is the shelf life of your products?

We recommend no longer than 9 months from the manufacture date  at zero degrees Fahrenheit; and 5-10 days at 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit.


What is the advantage of frozen vs. fresh products?

Flash frozen products, especially baked goods, are virtually indistinguishable from fresh if properly handled during the defrosting stage.  In addition, frozen products allow greater control over waste; you only thaw what you need, reserving the remainder for future use.  Frozen products also give the foodservice operator greater flexibility in meeting last minute demand.


Why "European Style" baking?

Today's restaurant consumers are much more conscious of quality and value, as well as more knowledgeable and wordly on the topic of foods. There is a general trend toward natural, scratch-made foods, and European cuisine is currently recognized for its overall high quality and emphasis on natural flavors enhanced through the use of high quality ingredients.


How can the foodservice operator enhance the concept of value-added to a pre-made dessert?

Presentation is key in enhancing the perceived value to the consumer.  By combining a pre-made dessert such as ours with a simple, low-cost, but elegant plate presentation (i.e. fruit coulis, chocolate, creme anglaise or caramel sauce, fresh fruits, etc.) the operator has greatly enhanced the perception of value in the consumer's eyes and can also increase the profitability of the dessert by being able to charge a higher seriving price.


"Desserts don't sell at my restaurant. What can I do to change this?"

People eat with their eyes as well as their mouths.  Marketing desserts is an often overlooked funciton of the waitstaff.  Perhaps presenting the desserts on a cart or tray following the meal would be beneficial.  Even a verbal description of each dessert will help to entice additional sales.  A seperate dessert menu is often used to increase dessert sales.  The single most important factor is motivating the waitstaff to be enthusiastic about marketing desserts.  Explaining to them the important contribution of such items as desserts and alcoholic beverages to the bottom line will help as well.


Do you offer custom work?

Yes! We specialize in custom work, proprietary baking as well as custom decorating on a quantity basis.


Do you offer distribution exclusivity?

Yes.  If we have no distribution in a given geographic area, a trial period of 6-12 months of conditional exclusivity will be granted to the new distributor.  If acceptable market penetration is achieved, exclusivity will be granted.


How can I get samples?

Free samples are available to qualified accounts by contacting our sales/marketing department at (517) 546-8217.


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We offer an extensive range of products. For more details, contact our team and order our product catalog.

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